Tips For Taking Your Real Estate Marketing To The Next Level


As we approach the end of 2018, it is time to give thought to your current marketing efforts and what improvements you can make for the new year.  There is a lot of competition out there and you want to make sure you are employing the most effective strategies to take your real estate brand to the next level.

Here are ways you can upgrade your real estate marketing efforts today.

1. Make sure your photo quality is top notch

You don’t need to be a professional photographer to notice the difference between a high quality professional image and one taken quickly with your phone.  A picture says a thousand words and you want yours to convey that.  Nowadays, smartphones have come a long way in terms of quality photos and with all the filters, you can certainly take some nice shots.  It also does not hurt to invest in a digital camera, they are pretty affordable as well.  So for your next photo shoot, take the time to take quality images.  Take advantage of natural  light and be sure to try out some different angles.

Once you have your money shots, you need to add them to an email real estate flyer.  If you are not using email flyers to market your listings, you are missing out on one of the best ways to easily get the word out about your properties. Choose a template, upload your photos and with a press of a button, you can send out your beautiful flyers to your database.

2. Create valuable content

Creating value through content for your clients as well as potential clients is a way to keep the relationship fresh in between transactions.  There are times when someone may not be looking for a house but you want to stay in touch.  By now, you should have a blog going on your website.  This is an easy and effective way to provide value to your database.  The sky’s the limit with what you write about.  It can be anything from holiday decorating tips to the state of the real estate market in your area.  Any content that will bring value is a win . You of course should also have all your social media accounts set up and you can share your blogs on them as well.

3. Be active on social media

We don’t need to say how important social media is to your marketing efforts.  This is a place to not only advertise your properties but also to share valuable content.  Like we mentioned above, you should be posting all your blog content here as well as any third party content that would be of value and interest to your followers.  Just make sure you are being social and responding to any comments.  Engagement with your audience is what will help grow your following and business.

4. Ask for Referrals

As a real estate agent, getting referrals should be high on the priority list but for many it is not.  It is time to change that.  If you don’t have any practice in place to request referrals from your clients, it is time to put one in place.  Recommendations from family and friends goes such a long way for people.

Always make sure you have your business cards on hand and make sure your cards have your social media handles for leaving reviews. When sending out any email marketing, this should be the case too.  In the signature, you should have links to sites like Google+, Yelp, LinkedIn and Facebook.   At the end of the day, a client who is happy will be glad to return the favor in the form of a positive review or a referral, so take advantage of the opportunity.

5. Go through your database and clean it up

If your contact database is filled with wrong email addresses, it is of no use to you.  Not to mention, if you get too many bounces and unsubscribes, that will really affect your chances of making it to the inbox.  Take the time to go clean up your data and take out any unsubscribes.

6. Have a follow up process in place

Being a real estate agent is all about relationship building.  You need to stay in touch with your clients in order to be the one they think of when it comes to their next move.  One great way to stay in touch is with a real estate email newsletter.  Make sure they are chock full of valuable information and not your latest property for sale.  By providing valuable content and regularly reaching out, past clients will be more likely  to remember you when they need help with their next real estate transaction.

Some other budget ways to keep in touch is the old fashioned phone call.  So much of our communication today is just not as personal as it once was.  People are opting for texting and emailing over a phone call.   Stand out from the competition and call your client that just closed on their home to congratulate them.  You could also put a little budget towards sending out holiday cards or birthday cards.

7. Add live chat to your website

As you drive traffic back to your website, what are people to do once they get there.  In order to maximize each visit from a potential client, you should add live chat to your website.  This will give visitors the chance to ask questions and receive answers in real-time.  People have short attention spans and they want answers now. Give it to them.

Final thoughts

As a real estate agent, the marketing tactics you use are what will set you apart from the competition.  As we enter 2019, make sure you are employing strategies that will help you not only grow your brand but foster a deeper connection with your clients.