Tips For Hosting A Successful Twitter Chat


When it comes to social media marketing, Twitter can have a big impact on a brand’s success.   Drumming up conversation and boosting engagement is what every company is looking for and hosting a Twitter chat is a great way to achieve that.  With that being said, you can’t just open an account and host a chat.  There is some legwork that goes into developing your brand on Twitter and ultimately hosting your first chat.

Below are eight things to remember when hosting your first Twitter chat.

1. Pick a host and choose a hashtag 

Every Twitter chat needs a host.  Whether it is you, an influencer or your boss.  You need to choose one.  You also want to choose the right hashtag which can be difficult.  If you pick the wrong one, it could have very negative effects on the outcome of your chat.  Make sure you do proper research to ensure you do not pick a hashtag that is controversial or one that is already established.

2. Pick the day and time

This step is a crucial one.  You need to choose the best day and time that you know your audience will be available. If you plan on making this a recurring chat, put together a schedule that is easy to remember. Running it during lunch time may be a good fit.

3. Come up with a topic

There is plenty to chat about.  With that being said, you want to stick to these guidelines:

  • The topic should align with the image of your brand
  • You should only discuss something you are qualified to discuss
  • Whatever you choose should be of interest to your followers and in turn peak the interest of others in your niche
  • Always keep your end goal in mind when picking a topic

Now you can start googling and checking out your followers feeds to see what they are chatting about.  You will find inspiration along the way.  Once you have done your first chat, see what your followers would like for you to chat about next. This will clue them in to this being an ongoing chat and also give you a better idea of what they are interested in.

4. Come up with questions and answers

When it comes to the length of your chat, it should be less than 90 minutes but more than 30.  This allows for people to go in and out of the conversation and depending on the length you choose and your topic, you should leave time for a question and answer session.  When thinking of questions, try and come up with ones that require some thought as opposed to a yes or no question.  The hope here is that you spark a conversation that makes people start their own thread to share advice with one another.

5. Start promoting

A Twitter chat with no participants is not an option, so you need to spread the word about your chat.  A couple of weeks before you want to start promoting on all your channels.  One week before you want to start reminding people.  You can even do a Twitter countdown and also ask people to share share share.  You may want to also create a Facebook event or send out a calendar reminder.

6. Host your Twitter chat

When the day of your Twitter chat arrives, you will want to start it off by sending out a welcome tweet.  You may even want to schedule this tweet to go out ahead of time.  You will also want to welcome the participants to the chat and give them an opportunity to introduce themselves. When this is done, participants receive more value from the chat  because they get the opportunity to create connections with other participants and it gives the experience a more personal touch.   This also provides you with the chance to build relationships with each individual person which helps with building a strong Twitter chat community.