Eight of The Hottest Landscaping Trends For 2019


Every homeowner wants to have a beautiful outdoor space in their home.  Each year preferences change and as we go through 2019, there are new trends in landscaping to be excited about.  Whether you are a homeowner looking to spruce up your outdoor space or a landscaping business trying to stay abreast of the trends, here is what you need to know.

Here are eight of the hottest landscaping trends to expect in 2019


1. More living space outdoors

People want to enjoy their outdoor space in comfort as if they were sitting in their house.  For this reason, you will see more functional outdoor rooms this year.  Think specific areas for relaxing and entertaining.  For those that love to cook outside and hold intimate dinners, we are talking outdoor kitchens with the same conveniences of an indoor kitchen.   Take it a step further and you can create covered rooms with TV and internet connectivity.  All this keeping everyone outside for longer periods enjoying the fresh air.

2. Automated landscape maintenance

The less time people have to spend taking care of their outdoor spaces the better.  Technology right now is more environmentally efficient and streamlined than ever before.  Think of robotic lawn mowers, sprinkler systems that you set and don’t have to worry about again as well as advanced lighting and electrical systems.  Homeowners are loving the idea of these advancements that will allow them to enjoy their outdoor spaces that much more.

3. Pergolas

Pergolas have been around for years but as we move through 2019, they are being taken up a notch.  We will be seeing them upgraded with space heaters, sound and lighting systems, roll down windows and more.  These are the Mercedes of pergolas that we are talking about.  Put this together with a nice outdoor kitchen and beautiful outdoor furniture and you have an outdoor sanctuary that people want to bask in.

4. Lots of pink

Shades of coral and blush has been named Pantone’s colors of the year so we can expect to lots of variations on these shades in landscapes this year.  You will also see these colors extended to the flower selections as well as the hardscapes and stone selections.

5. Firepits

This isn’t your ordinary s’mores by the bonfire we are talking.  Fire pits have become very popular and will continue to be in 2019.  From pits that use firewood to those that are gas burning, there are tons of options to choose from.  They even have ones that have the option of using your smartphone to turn the fire on and off.  How is that for technological advancement.

6. Smart lighting

It is all about automation in 2019.  Setting timers is nothing new but using a mobile app to adjust your lighting may be.  Handle everything from your seat and conserve energy too.

7.  Water

Water features are super popular in landscaping as they add a nice element of nature and they help drown out noise.  Adding some sort of water feature to your outdoor space is key if you want a well rounded outdoor area.

8. Xeriscaping

In an effort to make landscaping as maintenance free as possible and use less irrigation, xeriscaping will be popular this year.  This concept uses native plants that don’t require much water if any.  You will usually see these types of plants surrounded by pebbles or mulch as opposed to grass.  This of course means less mowing time.  If you are looking for super low maintenance with your landscape, this is the route to go.

Final thoughts

People want their outdoor spaces to be an extension of their indoor spaces.  For this reason, as we move through 2019, we are going to see outdoor spaces take on much of the same features we have come to love in our homes.  Outdoor kitchens, great lighting, plush furniture and more is what is going to shape this year in outdoor spaces.

When it comes to finding a landscaping company to create your outdoor vision, you want to make sure you choose the right company.  How the company is run says a lot to how they will handle your property.   A business that is  well managed will have a system in place for scheduling work as well as billing and managing client accounts as well as have other professional attributes like a website, business cards etc. If a company is well invested in the right business tools, that means they are serious about their clients and keeping them happy.