8 Reasons You Should Have A Safety Program For Your Lawn Care Business


Insurance can be one of the largest expenses for a lawn care business.  For this reason, it is recommended that you have a well-documented safety program in place.  This is one of the best ways to help reduce this fixed cost and boost up profits.   Implemented properly, both your business and your employees will benefit.


Below are five reasons to have a safety program for your lawn care business


1. The number of injured workers will go down

This one is pretty simple.  Putting the safety of your employees first by implementing a safety program is the right thing to do for them and your business.  You will see fewer injuries on the job which means less time taken away from work.  This will help lessen the stress that will be put on the other employees who have to pick up the slack.  Furthermore, a safety program will help eliminate or lower your insurance claims.  Too many claims can wind up being a financial disaster for your business.

2. Your will get a better insurance premium rate

When you have a well-documented safety program in place, insurance carriers are more apt to give your business better credits and discounts.  It helps show that you know how to properly run your business.  Well documented is the key phrase here, without it you don’t have much to show.

3. The number and severity of claims will go down

Your business will no doubt see fewer accidents with a clear and thorough safety program in place.  Not to mention the severity of the accidents will go down too.  One thing you want to make sure you have in place is a return to work program.  This will help injured workers get back on the job that much quicker.  This point is important because the faster they return to work the more likely they will  return to work permanently. This all impacts the amount of the claim.

The amount that the insurance carrier has to pay out for claims directly impacts what is called “businesses experience modification rating”.  This rating is a key factor in determining what your premium will be.  If you have an injured worker who doesn’t return to the job and stays on worker compensation for a long period, you will see a  negative impact on your experience modification rating.

4. Your premium is less likely to go up 

When accidents occur, chances are your commercial insurance rates will go up.  They are less likely to go up from a minor incident but in landscaping, your chances of a big incident occurring go up.  With a strong safety program in place, your insurance agent can show how this incident was more of a one off and not a sign that you don’t run your business properly.

5. Your business is less likely to be dropped by your carrier

If your business is submitting a lot of claims in a given period, you could be dropped from your insurance carrier.  Having a safety program in place will help ensure this does not happen to your business.  Even if you were to get dropped, having a program in place will help you have an easier time finding coverage in the open market.

6. You will have happier employees

Having a strong safety program in place will boost morale among employees.  They will appreciate that the company is making their well being a priority.

7. Productivity  will increase

Being both safe and productive go hand-in-hand. Employees who are properly trained to safely operate equipment tend to be better operators.  Speaking of productivity with your employees, it is critical that your business uses a landscaping business management software.  Just like a safety program will benefit your employees and your bottom line, a comprehensive software program will provide you with the necessary project and internal management functions you need to successfully run your business.

8. Helps maintain OSHA compliance

With a comprehensive safety program in place you won’t have to worry about being in compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Final thoughts

There are many factors to consider when it comes to having a successful lawn care business.  One of the most important is having a well-documented and comprehensive safety program in place for employees.  Having one will not only help keep the number of injuries down but you will also see the benefits in terms of insurance and expenses.