7 Tips For Increasing Your Influence As A Team Leader


When you are a team leader, the amount of impact you will have is greatly determined by the level of influence you have with your team.   The question now becomes, how do you become influential?  The first stepping stone would be to focus on self-improvement.  You want to make sure you are investing in your own abilities first and foremost.  Bringing your best self to work each and every day is one of the best ways to boost your influence.  With that being said, there are additional things you can do to help increase the level of influence you have.

Here are seven tips to help boost your influence as a team leader

Provide the right circumstances  

People want to feel capable.  A great way to achieve this is by creating circumstances that will provide your team members with a series of small wins.  Giving the opportunity to master challenges will help give a boost to their potential.  Not to mention they will have you to thank for their growth.

Have faith in your team

When you can look at a team member in the eye and say ” I believe in you”, you are providing them the most powerful form of support and empowerment.  A leader that can make their team feel like they can accomplish anything will have all the influence they need.

Be consistent

Consistency is key in most things and it certainly is the case when it comes to leading a team.  Handle your tasks productively and to the best of your ability on time each and every time, will show your team they can rely on you.  The same applies for your style of leadership.  You want to set up consistent expectations and your team will know what to expect from you.  All this will help build up your level of influence with them.

Give trust so you can earn trust. 

You have trust in your team in order for them to trust you.  Trust really is what your leadership is based on and what will help grow the business.  You have to have trust between the team leader and the team members for the group to effectively work together.

Be a cheerleader

Your team wants to know that you want to see them succeed.  The more your team knows that you believe in them and their ideas, the more they’ll believe in your ideas and incorporate them into their work habits.  You create this type of relationship by being a good listener.  Hear your team’s opinions and feedback and encourage them to use their voice.  They will feel valued for it. Remember, helping another human being succeed is one of the most powerful things you can offer to your team.

Build your relationship with your team and you will build your influence

As a team leader, you are expected to develop a strong working relationship with your team.  You need to be able to connect with them not just on a work level but on a personal level.  Make a point to have personal exchanges with your employees and co-workers. You don’t have to become best buddies, but there is no reason to not have a friendly banter going on.  Creating these personal working relationships leads to a sense of team, and if people see you as another person on the team, they will be that much more receptive when you share your ideas or opinions.  This is what truly builds influence.

Lead with character

As a person in a position of power, the spotlight is on your character.  It is essential that you lead with integrity and that you consistently do what is right, regardless of how hard that may be.  Your example is everything and your level of influence is directly tied to it. People will follow suit when they see you exhibiting strong character and integrity.

Final thoughts

 As a team leader you want to know you have a certain level of influence over your team.  However, this is something you earn over time by exhibiting positive behaviors that show great work ethic and that you value the voice of each team member.  The above tips will help you to further nurture and grow your influence so that everyone experiences personal growth and in turn the business benefits from it.