10 Social Media Marketing Tips To Help Grow Your Business


Social media nowadays is essential to growing your business, generating leads and really building your brand.  It is a big task but there are steps you can take to help you navigate it successfully.


Below are 10 social media marketing tips to help your business succeed on social media.

1. Come up with a social media marketing strategy

Before you set out on putting together your social media marketing strategy you want to have some goals in mind in order to execute it successfully.

Here are some points to think about as you figure out your end goals:

  • What are you looking to achieve?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What social media platforms are your target audience on and how do they use them?
  • What type of message will you be trying to convey to your audience with social media marketing?

2. Perform a social media audit

Before you start creating new profiles on any platforms, you should think about doing a social media audit.  By doing this, you will review what is working for you and what is not working for you across all your social media profiles.  With these new insights, you will be able to come up with new goals and objectives for your brand.

3. Pick the right social media platform for your business

Not all social media platforms are the same.  They each help you achieve different objectives and also reach different audiences.  For this reason, you want to have a different strategy for each one. As an example, a business in the travel industry would be very visual, so platforms like Pinterest and Instagram would be a better fit than say Google+ or Twitter.  Facebook is obviously a platform many businesses use.  What you want to keep in mind is that your organic reach on the platform is very limited so you want to consider using their Facebook ads.  Facebook caters to all size businesses so they are budget friendly.

4. Schedule your social media posts

Managing multiple social media accounts and coming up with fresh content to post can be very time consuming.  For this reason, scheduling your posts to Instagram and other sites is key.  You can schedule as many posts as you want for the day and time of your choosing.  This has really been a lifesaver for my business.  My freed up time can be spent on managing other important things.

5. Take advantage of Google analytics

Google Analytics can be a treasure trove for your business.  It not only measures sales and conversions but also provides you with insight into how visitors reached your site, how they use your site and ways in which you can keep them coming back.  

6. Have a blog on your website

Having a blog on your website is key to your businesses’ marketing strategy.  Posting valuable content will attract more prospects, help drive traffic to your website and ultimately, increase sales.

7. Use a content calendar to keep organized

Businesses can spend upwards of six hours each week on social media. That is practically an entire work day spent on creating and scheduling social media content.  Using a social media content calendar is key to your overall social media marketing plan. It you will be helpful in organizing, planning and maintaining all of your social content.

When it comes to coming up with engaging content to post, many businesses struggle.  If you are spending hours you really don’t have looking for content, you should consider hiring a company that can create custom social media content for you.  Tell them all about your company and they provide you with tailored content for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  You have the ability to schedule the day and time you want your posts to go live.   A real gem for your business.

8. Use SEO keywords in your LinkedIn business profile

LinkedIn gives you a 156-character limit for your company description so you need to be strategic about what you include. You want to list what you do, who you are and any other relevant keywords that will assist Google in determining what your LinkedIn page stands for.  Take advantage of tools like Google’s free Keyword Planner or Trends to see what the key search queries are for your industry. 

9. Optimize your website for sharing on Pinterest

Pinterest pulls in more referral traffic than the other major social platforms combined and can be a great source for driving inbound traffic to your site.  For this reason, it is key to make sure your website is optimized for sharing on Pinterest.  You want to have engaging images and/or infographics.

10. Use current events

People use social media to not only connect with their favorite businesses but also to stay current with what is going on in the world.  Keep an eye on hashtags that are trending on Twitter and other platforms.  You can use this as you are trying to come up with content to post.  This will also help you participate in larger conversations and grow your own following.