Top Seven Real Estate Marketing Tips For Your Listings


The real estate industry is not for the faint of heart.  There is tons of competition and you need to stand out from the crowd in order to really succeed. This can be achieved through how you market your property listings.  You want to make sure you are employing the right tactics that are going to not only bring you more leads but continued growth.

Below are seven marketing ideas to help you gain more leads for your real estate listings.

Write a great MLS listing description

Most prospective buyers find listings by way of the MLS.  Therefore, your listing descriptions are essential in reeling in leads. With that being said, you only have so much room in your MLS descriptions.  Be sure to include the most noteworthy features of the property as well as photos that showcase the properties best qualities.  You will also want to include some shots that are taken from varying angles so that your listing stands out.

Research keywords

Doing keyword research is key if you want to bring in qualified buyers.  Here is a great resource for sourcing long-tail keywords in real estate.  This will give you the opportunity to forecast what your target home buyer is searching for.  When you have pinpointed key phrases, you can start including them into your landing pages and marketing copy.

Take great photos

Having high quality photos of your property listings is essential to the selling process.  You can take photos yourself, but if it is in the budget, hiring a professional is great too.  The one thing we don’t recommend is taking pictures with a cellphone.  I am sure you wouldn’t but had to throw it out there.  With that being said, you do not need to spend a fortune on a camera if you are going to take them yourself.  Digital cameras are a plenty.  You just want to make sure you purchase one that is no less than 5 megapixels. You also want to preview the property prior to the photo shoot so you can get a feel for the layout and how you see the shoot playing out.

Whether you hire a professional or take them yourself, keep these tips in mind:

  • You are going to have many listings and of course, many photos.  Come up with a filing system that gives you ease of access to them for all your marketing material.
  • For SEO purposes, the file names and alt text of the pictures should include the property address or keywords that you plan on using in your marketing.

Use these photos in real estate flyers

Real estate flyers are still one of the most effective tools when it comes to marketing a home.   A properly done flyer should contain beautiful photos as well as be comprehensive and compelling. If you achieve these three points, you will be well on your way to selling that property.

Your high priority listings should be front and center on your home page

When leads come to your website, you want to make sure you are featuring your top listings on your front page.  Also be sure you are including CTA’s  (calls to action) that are prompting the visitor to take some action on a specific listing. Contact forms should also be included asking them to get more info, call for an appointment and so on.   Do not forget these important details as this is how a visitor becomes a lead.

Perform email campaigns

Email is a great lead generation tool. Everyone checks emails multiple times a day so this is a great way to get in front of potential buyers. Come up with a simple email format that includes a couple of impressive photos along with details about the features, location, as well as a call to action.  Also be sure to customize your subject line so they know it is specifically for a property listing.  If you want to get hyper local, include the street address.

Marketing Listings with Descriptive Blog Posts

Blogging is great for real estate professionals.  When you are generating a MLS listing, you only have so much room to make it great.  Creating a blog post around your listing provides you with the ability to be creative and think out of the box. Be sure to include those stunning photos you took and think about including a caption for each. Remember your contact information and that important call to action to urge them to contact you for more info or a showing.

Put together a killer video

Nowadays, video is where it is at.  Round out your marketing by creating a video tour of the property that showcases all its striking features.  Think about adding in music and a good narrative.  A good portion of real estate leads have a preference for video when it comes to viewing listing info so it can definitely be a smart investment on your part.

How To Make Dogs Happier With Glucosamine Supplements

dog supplementIt is very hard for people to watch as their dog begins to slow down due to old age. Signs that lead owners to believe their dog is simply getting older could be signs of joint pain that the dog is experiencing. Joint pains can make a dog much less active, and they will seem as if they are depressed. Dogs need to get exercise regularly to maintain good joint health. Thankfully, there are glucosamine supplements that can revive joint health naturally.

What Exactly is Glucosamine?

Glucosamine is a substance that can be found inside of a dog’s body. Hidden within cartilage, you can find the highest concentration of Glucosamine. It is used to produce a substance that repairs and produces new tissue inside of the dog’s body. Cartilage is one of the types of tissue created by this substance. Dogs will lose potent amounts of glucosamine as they grow older. The dog simply cannot produce large amounts of it once they reach a certain age. The dog will eventually suffer from joint pain because their body cannot repair itself fully. It is easy to use glucosamine supplements to repair cartilage naturally inside of the dog’s body. Once the cartilage is restored, the dog will begin to function correctly again, and the activity levels will be restored.

Benefits Provided by Glucosamine Supplements

Glucosamine is very effective at what it does. This supplement works almost like an anti-inflammatory drug, but the supplement is all natural. The supplement can reduce the overall pain felt by the dog.

Regular usage will increase the dog’s overall mobility. The dog’s joint health will be restored naturally. Taking the supplement will also improve the lubrication of the dog’s joints. It can even get rid of the need for NSAIDS. The NSAIDS have been known to cause many adverse side effects, and that is why glucosamine is considered a much better option. Unlike NSAIDS, glucosamine fixes the problem, rather than comforting the pain caused by the problem.

How Fast Does the Supplement Work?

It is vital not to expect instant results when purchasing this type of supplement for a dog. It can take two weeks at least before any results begin to take place. It is highly prescribed that dogs receive a large initial dose of the supplement. After the large initial dose, dog owners can give their dog smaller dosages daily. A dog can stay on this booster for their entire life, without any problems. Stopping the use of the supplement can cause symptoms to reappear.

Virtually all pet owners that use glucosamine chondroitin enjoy seeing their pets return to their normal activity levels. Often, it only takes a few weeks or longer before a dog will gain all of its former energy levels. Dogs taking this supplement will be much happier, overall. The glucosamine supplement is available in powder, liquid, pill, and treat form. One popular one is:

Do You Have Bad Credit? Here’s How To Fix It

bad creditDo you have bad credit? Then you are not alone. Many people today find themselves mired in debt; some of this is self-inflicted; mostly because of living beyond their means and some because perhaps of being victims of identity theft and the like.

Whatever the case, this sad situation can be and is being remedied. More and more people are finding that they can get out of financial debt and chronically bad credit by means of credit repair.

Repairing Your Credit

Thankfully, getting credit repair is a lot more easier than ever because more people use the Internet, which makes it easy to find a number of credit repair websites that are specifically designed to help people in your predicament. These are websites that will give you and step-by-step process of how you can get out and stay out of debt for good.

They will help you to assess your financial standing so you can prioritize your finances so you can see what is the source of the problem. Don’t be surprised that it might be yourself. After you’re able to come to grips with overspending and running up your credit cards, then you will be on the road to financial recovery.

Before you know it, you will see your credit score getting higher. A good credit score is anywhere from 700 to 750, a bad one, anything lower than 500. After a while you will see significant improvement in your credit score, which is of course what you want.

Using Credit Restoration Services

And such credit repair companies like Sky Blue Credit will help you improve your credit score at a budget that is fair and reasonable. There’s no need to pay hundreds of dollars to help you fix a financial problem, you can find credit repair websites that are willing to work with you and devise a plan in which you can pay off your debt in segments. In fact, many credit websites have packages that the consumer can consider to determine which one works for them. One thing is certain: you won’t find yourself in even deeper debt. These websites are here to help; they want to help you get a heavy load off your back.

So, if you are mired in deep financial debt that’s ruining your credit and making it hard for you to make certain purchases, help is on the way, by means of credit repair companies. As you will find once you get online, there are many of such websites, you will have to pick which one(s) works best for you and that fits into your budget.

Debt-a heavy burden that no one wants to live with, and now you know that your enslavement to debt is about to come to an end.


Credit Monitoring Services Explained

Credit CardsThere are three major credit reporting agencies that collect information about your payment history and credit accounts. This information is used to form your credit report and calculate your credit score. A good credit score opens the door to positive financial opportunities, such as better interest rates on future loans. A poor credit score can create difficulty getting future credit or loans and can even get in the way of obtaining a job in certain industries.

Credit monitoring services will watch your credit reports daily for a monthly fee. Some services will watch all three, while others will watch just one or two. If there are changes, they will alert you so that if there is unauthorized activity, you can catch it before too much damage is done.

How does credit monitoring work?

Since your credit report is being monitored, you will be notified almost immediately of any changes. The online services will typically email you within 24 hours of any change. You may also opt to receive notifications by phone or in the mail.

Credit monitoring companies watch your report for the following things: new accounts open in your name, late payments, bankruptcies, change in employer or address, or any inquiries made on your credit. If you receive notification of a change to your report that was not authorized, you need to contact the credit reporting agency immediately. Depending on what the change was, they will tell you the next step to take to correct it.

What are the benefits of credit monitoring?

One of the greatest benefits of credit monitoring is that it can notify you of fraud or identity theft quickly. Identity theft can often go undetected for long periods of time before the victim has any idea. The sooner you catch identity theft, the more likely you are to prevent severe damage and inconvenience.

If going through a divorce, break up, or similar situation, credit monitoring will help alert you if the other person has done anything that can impact your credit. Another person defaulting on shared loans or bills will damage your credit.

It is beneficial to monitor your credit for a while if you are preparing to take out a large loan or a mortgage. Monitoring your credit, especially if you use a service that sends you updated scores, can help you ensure that you will be able to get the best rates possible. Having a clean credit report and good credit score can save you thousands over the course of a loan.

A huge benefit of some services that offer credit score monitoring is insurance if fraud or identity theft is found. Insurance may cover losses and possibly lawyers. Many services will also offer to send you updated credit scores periodically.

Staying on top of your credit is vital for your financial well-being. You can monitor your credit yourself, but paying for a credit monitoring service takes the stress off of you and guarantees results!

PPI Reclaiming – Claim Now Before It is Too Late!

The banks are pushing for a claims’ deadline with all the major big brands including Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds and other major financial corporations.  These banks are all in trouble due to the huge numbers of individuals that were miss sold products such as income protection, and other forms of payment protection insurance, all over Britain.

Why Are the Banks Pushing For A Deadline?

This is simply because the banks want to achieve 2 things:

  1. They want to get themselves and their brand and good name out of trouble and disrepute with the general public.
  2. Because the banks’ want to save on the colossal amount of money they are having to pay out to these mis-selling victims.

So it is pretty obvious all round why barclays and the other banks are hell-bent on getting their deadline put an end to the ppi epidemic.

This is why it is advised that anyone who wants to get their ppi premiums back should think hard about putting in their reclaim request as quickly as humanly possible


Because you might miss out on the chance to do this.   This is the banks’ attempt to introduce a deadline to these proceedings, which would be disastrous to the millions of people that sit there in their homes with £1000’s of pounds due to them through miss sold ppi policies and the premiums associated with them.

It is important that the public become as educated as they can about ppi and the issues surrounding it, because it is a very real issue.  The banks’ have ripped millions of people off, by mis-selling them something that they don’t really need in their lives, much less should they pay for it.

There is no reason to duck away from reclaiming compensation, because there are an abundance of excellent ppi claims facilitators out there who are more than ready to assist on these claims for compensation.  These companies offer fast-track reclaim services for people who want their money back in the quickest, most efficient way possible.

Don’t be worried about if the case is not a success, as there are no penalties for invalid claim submissions. Major financial corporations are delegating huge sums of money to repay the many millions of people owed compensation, make sure to stake your reclaim in as soon as you can.

Understanding Binary Option Signals

Investors, day traders and other participants in the financial exchanges rely on certain inputs or information stimuli for the purpose of taking a position in the market. These inputs are known as trading signals, and they are used by investors who trade just about any kind of financial instrument. From stocks to commodities and from currency pairs to derivatives, trading signals help investors to gain a better understanding of the markets they participate in.

When it comes to binary options, trading signals tend to be very straightforward and easy to use. In the United States, binary options trading signals have been generated and compiled since the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) adopted these instruments in 2008. As with other financial instruments, trading signals for binary options prompt investors to take certain positions that emulate previously successful trades.

binary option signals

Trading Signals Provide Informal Advice

Trading signals are essentially pieces of information that provide informal advice to investors about market conditions. Depending on the instrument and the information provider, trading signals may be the result of algorithmic analysis of market data and factors. The end result that is delivered to traders is a piece of information with regard to a favorable time to take a certain position in the market.

Binary options are not terribly complex financial contracts, and thus the information provided by their trading signals is likewise simplified. A binary option trading signal will typically contain the following recommendations:

  • The underlying asset of the contract
  • The best time to take the position
  • The type of trade
  • The expiration date and time

In essence, a binary option trading signal indicates an opportunity for profit. Trading signal providers often rely on the analysis of technical factors that influence the market, but many also take into account statistics, fundamentals and current events. In a sense, providers of trading signals offer a service that greatly simplifies the lives of binary options traders and gives them an opportunity to become profitable as they learn the intricacies of the market.

trading binary options

How Trading Signals Are Delivered

The frequency and delivery mode of binary options will vary according to the underlying assets and the plans offered by different providers. High-frequency day traders may choose to receive hourly signals directly on their mobile phones via SMS, but investors who enjoy going long on their call options may prefer to get a couple of signals a week via email.

The pricing of trading signal subscriptions may very from a few cents per signal received to a few dollars. Some binary options brokers partner with providers who may offer free signals as an added benefit for their clients.

The most important aspect of trading signals that traders of binary options must always keep in mind is that they are informal recommendations. Signal services do not come from market-timing machines; they are the result of careful analysis on markets that are always subject to human whim and psyche.